Dues 2024


(Burgee an additional $55, plus $7 if mailed)

Check payable to:   PNYC

Mail to:     Barbara Michael, 55 Pearson Road, Merrimack, NH 03054

Phone:      (603) 714-5805

New member form

Interested in joining the Portsmouth Navy Yacht Club?

PNYC hosts frequent fun events, including dockside get-togethers, an annual cookout and auction, and bi-yearly business meetings. Join us! 

To join, download this form and mail with a check to Barbara Michael, 55 Pearson Rd., Merrimack, NH 03054. 

2022 Membership List

Last, First, Partner, Vessel 

*Bagshaw, Bob and Jan      Cast Off

Bottazzi, Nathan and Tracey     Second Wind

Bowman, Bill and Jo      Kharis

Brophy, Mark and Leslie     Dauphine

Clason, Kurt and Mary Beth     Resolute

*Coffey, Mike and Anne     Java

Courtemanche, Bob and Denise     Ethyl-B1

Crowell, Tim and Laura     Crows Nest

Doherty, Bernie and Gene     Déjà Vu

Doyle, Walter and Smith, Annette     Knot A Clue

Farinola, Mike, and Angrisano, Karen     Beyon

Fryling, Stephen and Regis, Kristin     One Lifed

Goodsell, Kenneth and Carol      Fishtale

Hamor, Richard and Jane      Racing Daylight

Howard, Paul and Edna       Edna Bella

Jones, Kenneth and Maggie        Sea Quest

Kelly, Alan and Christine      Footloose

Lewis, Alan        Victoria

Longus, Mark and Margie      Joint Custody

Machamer, Andrew and Daniela     Rock & Troll 

McCracken, Blair and Janet     September Morn

McKibben, Glenn and Joan     Greyfax

McNamara, Tim and Mary Ellen     Talisman

Meneely, David and Julie     Lady K

Michael*, Glenn and Barbara* 

Miller, Michael and Evelyn     Sea Horse

Munroe, William and Wilcox, Laura     Priscilla

Nies, Tom and Denise     Winter's Balm

Nutt, Sally*     Liz2

O'Donnell, John and Maureen     Addie A

Perkins, Seth, and Reynolds, Bev     Charisma

Perrin, Patrick and Deidre     Miss Dee

Reagan, Tony and Rachelle     Seas the Day

Rigterink, Dan and Dispenzieri,    Monica  Grace Margot

Rushlow, Gladys 

Sherman, David and Barbara     Palangi

Smart, Kevin & Paula     Bill Fish

Spencer, Tom and Wendy     Gaelic Storm

Steidle*, Craig and Marcia    Saxon 

Stein, Alex and Katherine    Katie Ann

Strawbridge, Carl and Linda    Indigo

Taylor, Robert and O'Shea, Kate    Blue Mackerel

Tennant, Jay and Sue

Torbert, Roy and Meg     Seahoy

Vanderlinde, John and Terri     Moontide

Waddell, Barry and Kim     Liberty

Ward, Graham and Amber     Salty Savage

White, Jack and Joyce    Stress Relief

Woellert, Ben and Kjernander, Jaci     ORCA

* 2023 Bridge

Commodore:    Craig Steidle
Vice Commodore:    Mike Coffey
Rear Commodore:    Bob Bagshaw
Immediate Past Commodore:    Sally Nutt
Secretary/Treasurer:    Barbara Michael     (603) 714-5805

Webmaster:  Meg Betts Torbert